100 Word Challenge

I hear the sound of balls bouncing down the stairs, and see the the blinds go up and down, I feel the ground shaking beneath my feet. Then I walk up the stairs dodging all the bouncing balls, I run to the blinds and hold them, and I balance myself from tripping over. And then behind the door . . . . I see . . . . Nothing. Suddenly I hear laughing from under the stairs, kitchen and my Brothers bedroom.


Maths Refletion


Maths Reflection

I achieved learning how to Multiply and Divide decimals at Miss Nitschke’s workshop. I also went to Miss Bridget’s. workshop on Division. I learnt the repeated addition stratige.

My goal for next week is to learn how to square root, and I’m going to achieve this by going to workshops and learning the meatheads of square rooting.

Mild Success Criteria

Number And Place Value

Recognise that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths

Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply to solve problems

Can read, write, draw, interpret and order three-digit numbers.

Recognising that numbers can be ‘broken up’or ‘partitioned’ in many ways, e.g. 154 = 15 tens and 4 ones or 14 tens and 14 ones.





The main point in the Cybersafety and bulling talk was always tell a trusted adult if someone is bullying you.You should never be a bystander and you should never watch or encourage the bully.

Read Terms and Conditions.

Don’t lie about your age on apps and things.

Use strong passwords.

Don’t let people follow people if you wouldn’t want to have dinner with them.

Don’t give anyone personal information about yourself and others.

Don’t post photos that you wouldn’t like strangers and your parents to see.

Photos that you post will be seen in the future and may risk your chance of getting a job or other things.









Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

This is where you will see my learning, and find out what we learn in 5/6 at St Therese in all subjects.

My 2015 learning goal for Literacy is to learn to spell better and I will achieve this by pracicing at school and at home, by the end of this year.

My 2015 learning goal for numracy is to get better at fractions and decimals by practicing and participating in fraction and decimal workshops,by the end of the year.

Thank You For Reading My Post!




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